Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bonaventure gets honor roll

Bradford Publishing - St. Bonaventure honored for community service projects.:
"St. Bonaventure University has been named to the first President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for distinguished community service.
The award was given in recognition of extraordinary volunteer efforts by the university and its students to serve area neighborhoods and Gulf Coast communities devastated by last year’s Hurricane Katrina.....

“It is a great honor and I think this shows the strength of the Bonaventure community’s caring,” ...said Dr. James Mahar, assistant professor of finance and the first St. Bonaventure faculty member involved with Katrina relief trips. “From the Gulf Coast to the streets of Buffalo after the recent storm, from students to faculty members, to the alumni and the local community, the entire SBU community continues to inspire not only those that they help, but everyone involved.”

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