Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Can't decide whether to Volunteer?

Can’t decide whether to help out or not? Here is just a sampling of some of the pleas for help we have received.

“If anyone happens to be in the Amherst area at the time, my mom…now lives in a home…in Amherst in a neighborhood that was one of the hardest hit. Luckily she now has power but the issue is downed limbs/trees on the property…. she recently had major surgery so physically cannot do very much”

“…my brother…and his wife…could sure use some help. They will likely be without power and heat until Sunday even if the street gets power. They lost the line to the house. The basement is flooded. They have two small kids at home under age two and he is a NYS Trooper so he has been working a lot and has not had as much time….”

My mother's home was severely affected by the storm. I have been sick and unable to go help her. …I know she sounded very upset on the telephone. My brother was supposed to go and help her, but I am not sure how much help he was to her. Maybe she could get some help from one of the teams, if there is a team that is going to the Amherst/Williamsville area. If possible, could you please call her to see if she needs or would welcome some assistance.

We leave at 9:15 Sunday from the Murphy/Plassman lots at the West side of campus. Be there and bring a car load of friends.

Dress for a hard day of manual labor.

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