Monday, November 06, 2006

75th home!

BonaResponds 75th home update

BonaResponds cleaned its 75th property in the Lancaster area this weekend.

A big THANK-YOU to all of the volunteers on a job well done. 75 homes is HUGE! Consider that most tree clean up services are charging $500-$900 per property and some of the impact that BonaResponds is having is seen. And that approximate $40,000 of services to those hit by the storm says nothing of the benefits that accrued to the volunteers!

We are not done! There is still MUCH MUCH work to be done. And we are going back this weekend. We will probably be having a new headquarters (closer to downtown Buffalo) but we will be back and you will have a great time!

So please join us! Stay tuned for details, but plan on leaving Murphy/Plassmann parking lots at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

Also a reminder that a $100 video contest is underway. Submit your BonaResponds video and if our panel of judges picks it as the winner, you get $100!

Do you have pictures from any of the BonaResponds events? Share them at our new photo pool:

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