Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another thank you!

From a family we helped this Sunday in West Seneca:

"I would like to thank the students,alumni, faculty who gave of themselves this past sunday, November 12, 2006.

The surprise October storm completely devisated all the trees in my mothers back yard. My mother has a history of heart trouble and is unable to lift heavy things. As much as she would have like to try and clean up some of the small branches and such, it would have been a losing battle. 12 trees with large limbs hanging from above would have only made matters worse if one should have fallen. She called several local agencies and even Mr. Volker but found there wasn't really any help available to her. After contacting Americorp, my mom was at wits ends because they never called back. Contacting her insurance company didn't help because of her deductable.

Finally, on November 12, 2006 jut three days after her eye surgery, the doorbell rang. To our amazement, it was the Bonaresponds group. These people came in and cleaned up our yard leaving all branches neatly, by the curb. These 10 people gave of themselves on a chilly damp day to help someone who didn't know where else to turn. After these people were done, I had time to speak with them. An outstanding group of people who came in, did a great clean up and were heading back out to do as much as they could before darkness. I personally commend there loyality and comment. They are a shining star who made my mom cry because she was so overwhelemed.

I can't express how I feel, I'm disabled with a spinal injury. I can only say, God bless them for the work they did and do. These 10 people probably wouldn't expect a pat on the back as I think there to proud and my heart felt thanks go out to them. You (they) made our day and and when you least expect it, miracles happen. God bless and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you so much..... Mrs. TK West Seneca, NY."

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