Thursday, November 09, 2006

MLK Park in Buffalo

This is the park that we will be working at on Sunday.

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy- MLK park
"In 1977 was renamed Martin Luther King, Jr. Park. The park was originally connected to Delaware Park via the 200' wide Humboldt Parkway similar to Bidwell Parkway on the west side. However in 1960 the parkway was torn up and the 6 rows of stately trees were cut down to make way for the 6 high speed traffic lanes the Kennsington Expressway, ripping out what was the spine of a strong working class community leaving a great divide in its place.

The Science Museum is located in Martin Luther King Jr. park at what would have been the terminal vista of Humboldt Parkway. The parks most significant feature is the five-acre wading pool that once attracted thousands of people from the region. It is unfortunate that a generation of East Side residents has only experienced this feature as a barren, cracked, concrete basin....

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