Wednesday, November 29, 2006

News on many fronts

Trying to find time to put a newsletter together but these things are too important to wait, so:

1. A $50 deposit for the January 2-12 trip is due this Friday!! If you are out of town and want to go, please email

2. The Christmas Ornament sale is going very well (we ran out yesterday from a very small batch). If you would like to help sell them or if you want to buy one (they are $5.00 each), please email us at

BonaResponds Christmas Ornaments

3. Had a great discussion with various Americorp representatives and we are going to be able to qualify for education grants of up to $1000 for those who volunteer 300 hours a year! This is great! We are having a mandatoryt meeting on it Thursday Dec. 7th at 4PM with Mark who runs the West Seneca Americorp office. Please take advantage this great opportunity!

4. As for the January trip, we will be taking vans and it looks like we will most likely be in Bay St. Louis but maybe also some in Biloxi.

5. We are going back to Buffalo this weekend but because of so much work this time of year, we are going to try and leave to get back a bit earlier. So we should be back on campus around 6:00-6:30.

5. Many new pictures have been uploaded (and I still have more to upload). Check out the Buffalo "set".

IM003459IM003556Brr...back at base group photo

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