Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Buffalo News - Cleanup continues for hundreds

Buffalo News - Cleanup continues for hundreds:
"many branches, measuring more than 4 inches in diameter, are too heavy for her 72-year-old husband to carry. 'I don't know how we'll get all of this out to the front,' he said.

Erie County has assembled a list of up to 600 people - senior citizens, the infirm and others with limited financial means - waiting for volunteers to help trim damaged trees or remove debris, according to Mark Lazzara, who heads the local AmeriCorps office in West Seneca, which is helping to administer volunteer cleanup efforts.....

AmeriCorps has about a dozen volunteers available for the cleanup, in addition to about 30 St. Bonaventure University students working one day a week, Lazzara said.

"We've been doing it every Sunday and are trying to get more volunteers," he said


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