Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shrimp, Smores, and Card Games

Shrimp, bonfires, and card games

I hate being predictable. So rather than tell you about how hard people worked today. How we laid tiles, hung sheet rock, and mudded ceilings. How we cleaned debris, refurbished homes, and installed insulation, I will tell you about something else. I will tell you about the fun we had today. To listen to a volunteer crew at almost any site one would think the people hated each other. It is almost constant bickering about who made a mistake or who is slow. Or who ate the last sandwich. Or picked the wrong radio station. But it is all good natured ribbing. If the truth be known, it is really fun and the people really do like each other. It is true from the days after the Hurricane to after the storm in Buffalo, to after the recent tornado in Enterprise.

But that is in the field. What about afterwards?

Much volunteer work is hard and often stressful, so being able to burn off steam is important. Take today’s BonaResponds’ events for instance. After work, the two teams from Pass Christian (Bible Fellowship and Randy’s) got together for what is rapidly becoming a tradition: the Shrimp Boil at Kimball’s. It was again a huge success as we got to enjoy good company, catch up with what is going on at the other site all while getting to partake in local cuisine while also helping the local economy.

After that the teams got together for a bonfire at Randy’s camp where we toasted marshmallows and again talked about how much work was getting done and how much everyone liked being here.

And then the teams retreated to their respective camps for sleep. But if our site was any indication, the fun did not stop there. Instead, we made pizza and played what very well may be called the second loudest card game in the history of the world while until late into the night (early morning) and all while making plans to arise early to see the sun rise on the Gulf before getting to work.

And to that end, I better get to sleep.

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