Monday, March 19, 2007

Volunteer reflects on relief efforts - Opinion

Volunteer reflects on relief efforts - Opinion:
"As we came closer to the epicenter, our presence had a dramatic, palpable effect on everyone we passed. People were taking pictures, shooting video, pointing and waving as they gave a furtive Sign of the Cross at the sight of the Brown and Gold. Our warm reception was chilled when we turned the corner to see the stage of CNN's Tragedy of the Week for ourselves. What had been mere pictures in the paper and sound bites on TV was now painfully real.

There were times in both Alabama and Mississippi when I felt overwhelmed; I'm sure I wasn't alone. I was just one person, and coming face-to-face with my limitations as a human being was frustrating. But then I talk to the people we've helped and see their faces, the look in their eyes of sheer gratitude, and realize even if we haven't moved mountains, just being there was enough."

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