Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NPR : Katrina Still Bad for Business in Pass Christian

NPR : Katrina Still Bad for Business in Pass Christian:
"Mississippi's Gulf Coast is still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. In the hard-hit town of Pass Christian, residents still lack a grocery store and century-old family businesses operate out of trailers."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Buffalo Rising | Hands On Founder Inspires Local Volunteers

Buffalo Rising | Hands On Founder Inspires Local Volunteers:
"In the wake of a natural disaster--be it hurricane or earthquake, tsunami or flood--most people leave, seeking refuge in safer, drier lands. A special few run in, driven by a desire to contribute to something greater than themselves, to give themselves so completely to other people in another place."

Friday, May 25, 2007

David Campbell and Hands On

Here is the video of the presentation mentioned in the Buffalo News article below. (maybe I should say audio as the actual video is awful thanks to my great video skills) but the audio is excellent. Unfortunately the camera's batteries ran out after about 18 minutes. But still well worth listening to.

The Buffalo News: Buffalo/Erie County:
"When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast almost two years ago, they were there to answer the call for help.

When an earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Java on May 27, 2006, they arrived three days later to start the rebuilding process.

And the next time a disaster occurs, they will be there again to pick up the shattered pieces and weather the storm.

These people are the fabric of Hands On Worldwide, a U.S.- based nonprofit organization with Western New York leadership. Its chief executive officer and co-founder is Amherst native David Campbell."
and later:

"Hands On USA was launched less than a year later when the organization sent more than 1,500 volunteers to Biloxi, Miss., after Hurricane Katrina. This group included significant Western New York participation from student and faculty volunteers from St. Bonaventure University and Alfred State College."

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Dodge Globe: Local News: Stories

Definitely makes me feel we could have played some role. Dodge Globe: Local News: Stories:
"The Globe is publishing an ongoing list of notes containing essential information for Greensburg residents as they recover from the May 4 tornado.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Darius looking for Tools in the Garage

There was so much destruction that BonaResponds was not needed right now. Maybe when rebuilding starts. Here is a site that Darius worked at. Look around, there is nothing left. :(

Monday, May 14, 2007

Quote from my noon tea

"The art of happiness is to serve all."

This was on the tea bag (redbush chai).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hands On Disaster Response

Hands On Disaster Response:
"After two days of being on the ground here in Greensburg, KS I have the pleasure of saying that relief efforts here are quite good and at this time HODR will not be deploying."
Speaking to Darius has convinced me that BonaResponds should not make the trip.

Thank you all for the your support and I trust that the next time your help is needed you will be as willing to help.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hands On Disaster Response

Hands On Disaster Response:
"We just arrived here in Kansas and will be assessing the situation in Greensburg tomorrow. Although the scale of devastation for Greensburg is massive (95% Destroyed Buildings), the total population is only a few thousands. At this point we’re not sure this will be a full scale deployment for us, but since we have had such a strong response from our volunteers we’ve decided to head in and check out what our volunteers could do to help. With such a large percentage of homes destroyed, most of the more likely will be helping families salvage what they can from what was once their homes.

Suzanne Stahl is here with me and has been in communication with a large number of the local officials and churches. We will have more of an update by Fri. afternoon what the level of response from HODR will be for this disaster and when and were we’ll be able to take volunteers.


Darius A Monsef IV, Operations Director
Hands On Disaster Response -"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

USA Freedom Corps - Make a Difference. Volunteer.

Video of Greensburg and the President's speech

USA Freedom Corps - Make a Difference. Volunteer.:
"...mission is to -- today, though, is to lift people's spirits as best as I possibly can and to hopefully touch somebody's soul by representing our country, and to let people know that while there was a dark day in the past, there's brighter days ahead.

So I want to thank the Governor and I want to thank the Senators for being here. Most importantly, I want to thank the people of Greensburg and their neighbors for helping them out. God bless the people"

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

St. Bonaventure University: BonaResponds seeks volunteers to aid tornado victims

St. Bonaventure University: BonaResponds seeks volunteers to aid tornado victims:
"ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y., May 10, 2007 — BonaResponds is seeking local volunteers to help in the massive cleanup effort in Greensburg, Kan., 95 percent of which was destroyed last week in a deadly tornado" - Home

One of the groups we will be working with! - Home:
"*** ATTENTION*** Persevere is planning a response to the Tornado devastation in Greensburg, KS. We will arrive in KS early next week and begin setting up an operation. Details about volunteering with us in KS will be posted as they become available."

Price info for Kansas Trip

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Athletics Department, BonaResponds has been able to lower the cost of going to Kansas.
Only $99! for 10 days (Food while there included!). Think about it, you'd likely spend more while home! $99. Most service trips are over $300-$500. This is ten days for less than $100!

BonaResponds will be working with Handson Disaster Response (, RandysRangers (, and Persevere Volunteers ( Work will include saving any items not destroyed, hauling debris, cutting trees, cooking, and just being there for the victims. Your work will be greatly appreciated by them! Oh and you will have fun at the same time!

We will be leaving on Tuesday the 15th and returning on the 25th. The trip is open to all. We'd love to have you along but space is limited so please email now to reserve a spot.

More information is available at and

Thanks again to the Athletics Department for the use of two of their vans!!!

Kansas, White House Spar Over Tornado -

Kansas, White House Spar Over Tornado -
"The Bush administration and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D) started the day yesterday by pointing fingers at each other over the response to Friday's devastating tornado in the state, but both sides backed down within hours."

Horrible story

Officer injured in Kan. tornado dies:
"Officer Robert Tim Buckman was rushing to warn rural residents about the approaching storm when the tornado swept up his squad car and flung it 300 yards into a field.

The 46-year-old officer hung on long enough for his daughter's 'promise' wedding at his hospital bedside, then died of his injuries at a hospital Tuesday morning"

Greensburg Kansas Tornado Miracle: Survivor Found Alive in Rubble

National Ledger - Greensburg Kansas Tornado Miracle: Survivor Found Alive in Rubble:
"According to CBS News a person has been found alive in the rubble of the Greensburg tornado, officials said Monday, bringing some good news to residents who are making a grim return to their destroyed homes.


The person was found late Sunday, Kansas Highway Patrol spokesman Ron Knoefel said without providing other details. 'We've got good news to report for a change,' Knoefel said. 'The search and rescue operation continues and because of this we have optimism that we're going to find even more individuals alive.'"

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News from Laura Halleman

handsonusaalumni : Message: News from Laura Halleman:
"Laura is currently in Waveland with little access to a computer, so I'm passing on the info she's found out. She has talked to both the Red Cross and United Way in Kansas. The women she spoke to at United Way husband is in the Kansas National Guard and she stated that within the next couple of days they will need volunteers to come in and help remove rubble by hand because the
Guard units are short on equipment (Iraq)."
Thanks Marianna!

Video from Greensburg May 5

WIBW - HomePage: "Jeff Flock is in Greensburg with a look at the devastation on the cities main street."

Video is well worth watching!

Aerials of Greensburg Tornado Damage

Aerials of Greensburg Tornado Damage--

Craig sent this link. Unreal damage. Shocking absolutely staggering.

Tornado Links

Thanks to Jen Davis for compiling this list!

BonaResponds Press Release

Community Invited to Take Place in Tornado Relief Trip

BonaResponds will be traveling to Kansas to help in disaster relief after the devastating tornados that hit on May 4th. The entire community is invited to join BonaResponds in a ten-day relief trip to the effected areas. BonaResponds is a local service group who volunteers to help make a difference and has already made several successful and rewarding trips to the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. The trip will take place May 15th to May 25th and the cost will be $230 per person, which includes food, transportation, and lodging during the trip. Anyone who is interested may attend an interest meeting on Tuesday, May 8th, at 7:30pm in the Murphy Auditorium of the St. Bonaventure University campus. You do not have to attend this meeting to go on the trip! For additional information, visit or email Help make a difference to those in need, even if they are hundreds of miles away!

Thanks to Marissa for this press release!

Monday, May 07, 2007

DNN :: States cope with tornadoes, flooding

DNN :: States cope with tornadoes, flooding:
"MCOR sent in an emergency grant. The Kansas chapter of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) was scheduled to meet Tuesday to coordinate its response. LDR was sending a representative to Greensburg and planned meetings with local churches and synod members Tuesday.

'Lutheran Disaster Response is prepared to offer assistance, as needed, in the form of emergency hardship grants and spiritual and emotional care,' said Heather Feltman, executive director.

'Once the town has been reopened, we will also be working in coordination with local congregations to coordinate volunteer teams for debris removal and cleanup,' she said. 'Plans are being made for volunteer teams to begin working this Saturday. After initial assessment has been completed, we will help to organize residents in meeting long-term unmet needs, and volunteer coordination will likely continue through the rebuilding phase.'"

Greensburg - Response, recovery operations continue in Greensburg - Kiowa County Signal

Greensburg - Response, recovery operations continue in Greensburg - Kiowa County Signal: "
"The tornado was tracked through Comanche, Kiowa, Edwards, Stafford, Pratt and Barton Counties. Emergency management officials are getting damage estimates to access whether affected areas will qualify for a Presidential Disaster Declaration....

Eight storm-related deaths were reported in Kiowa County. One person was reported killed in Stafford County....Numerous injuries have also been reported. Sixteen persons are reported in critical condition and 50 people have been treated at area hospitals."

Greensburg - Homepage - Kiowa County Signal

Greensburg - Homepage - Kiowa County Signal-

Coverage of the disaster and the aftermath

Breaking News: Kansas Tornado Video Online: Greensburg Tornado Kills 9, Town Destroyed - The Post Chronicle

Breaking News: Kansas Tornado Video Online: Greensburg Tornado Kills 9, Town Destroyed - The Post Chronicle

If you were on the fence about going, watch some of these videos! -

Kansas anyone?

Hi everyone,

This is tentative, but BonaResponds is looking to go to Kansas to help out in the aftermath of the killer tornadoes that have devastated the area.

The cost will be about $230 for food, transport, and a place to stay (maybe less, but unlikely given the distance).

If you are interested in going, please email BonaResponds and let us know.

The trip will be after graduation...probably for 10 days.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thank you from Olean Community Schools

Dear BonaResponds,

Thank you very much for all of your hard work at the Nabisco building. You provided a great deal of help toward reaching our vision: a much-needed place for the families in our community. We are so thankful for all the generosity and willingness to jump in and help with this project.

Our team tackled a number of different projects at Community Schools. Everyone was helpful and hardworking – we had a fun day and made a lot of progress! The wall demolition will provide a great space for our early childhood setting. The clean-up and fresh paint was just what the place needed to get us started with our renovations. We will soon be on our way to having a central location for all family literacy activities.

Thanks again!!!


Rachelle, Karie, Sue, & Jen

Even Start Program
Olean Community Schools