Friday, May 25, 2007

David Campbell and Hands On

Here is the video of the presentation mentioned in the Buffalo News article below. (maybe I should say audio as the actual video is awful thanks to my great video skills) but the audio is excellent. Unfortunately the camera's batteries ran out after about 18 minutes. But still well worth listening to.

The Buffalo News: Buffalo/Erie County:
"When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast almost two years ago, they were there to answer the call for help.

When an earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Java on May 27, 2006, they arrived three days later to start the rebuilding process.

And the next time a disaster occurs, they will be there again to pick up the shattered pieces and weather the storm.

These people are the fabric of Hands On Worldwide, a U.S.- based nonprofit organization with Western New York leadership. Its chief executive officer and co-founder is Amherst native David Campbell."
and later:

"Hands On USA was launched less than a year later when the organization sent more than 1,500 volunteers to Biloxi, Miss., after Hurricane Katrina. This group included significant Western New York participation from student and faculty volunteers from St. Bonaventure University and Alfred State College."

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