Friday, May 11, 2007

Hands On Disaster Response

Hands On Disaster Response:
"We just arrived here in Kansas and will be assessing the situation in Greensburg tomorrow. Although the scale of devastation for Greensburg is massive (95% Destroyed Buildings), the total population is only a few thousands. At this point we’re not sure this will be a full scale deployment for us, but since we have had such a strong response from our volunteers we’ve decided to head in and check out what our volunteers could do to help. With such a large percentage of homes destroyed, most of the more likely will be helping families salvage what they can from what was once their homes.

Suzanne Stahl is here with me and has been in communication with a large number of the local officials and churches. We will have more of an update by Fri. afternoon what the level of response from HODR will be for this disaster and when and were we’ll be able to take volunteers.


Darius A Monsef IV, Operations Director
Hands On Disaster Response -"

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