Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Price info for Kansas Trip

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Athletics Department, BonaResponds has been able to lower the cost of going to Kansas.
Only $99! for 10 days (Food while there included!). Think about it, you'd likely spend more while home! $99. Most service trips are over $300-$500. This is ten days for less than $100!

BonaResponds will be working with Handson Disaster Response (, RandysRangers (, and Persevere Volunteers ( Work will include saving any items not destroyed, hauling debris, cutting trees, cooking, and just being there for the victims. Your work will be greatly appreciated by them! Oh and you will have fun at the same time!

We will be leaving on Tuesday the 15th and returning on the 25th. The trip is open to all. We'd love to have you along but space is limited so please email now to reserve a spot.

More information is available at and

Thanks again to the Athletics Department for the use of two of their vans!!!

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