Thursday, June 28, 2007

So what is going on in the Gulf?

Over the next week or so I will focus on what is going on in the Gulf right now. I hope to have some interviews as well as some reports from volunteers in the region.

While this particular article has no tie to BonaResponds, I think it is a good place to start:

Edwardsville Journal - Life & Style:
"Kirbach said helping with the effort 'was definitely a life-changing event.'

'It was amazing to see the destruction,' he said. 'Everything was destroyed (by the storm).'

The majority of houses in the path of the hurricane's destruction have not been rebuilt, although some casinos and restaurants have, he said.

'You can see the foundations and concrete pillars where there used to be houses,' he said. 'It gives you a better appreciation for the work that we are doing.'

Habitat has no plans to rebuild houses in the area of destruction. All of the houses are being built north of the area that was hit by the hurricane."

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