Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Carrie writing on BonaResponds

As part of a website upgrade I asked several BonaResponds members to write up a quick piece on what BonaResponds means to them.

Here is Carrie's

"For me and several other members of the St. Bonaventure community, BonaResponds (BR) has evolved from a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to an "everyday" activity. My first involvement with BR came during the Spring semester of 2006. I didn't feel like going home for spring break, but I had nothing planned. Jim Mahar was my Intro. to Corporate Finance professor at the time, and he persuaded me to co-coordinate a little league drive that would collect equipment and monetary donations for and deliver to little leagues devastated by Hurricane Katrina. I'd never visited the Gulf Coast, and this seemed like an amazing opportunity to help out.

I accepted the invitation/challenge, and have never regretted it. Since that first trip, I've returned to the Gulf Coast two more times, helped organize and participate in multiple local service days, volunteered in Buffalo during the "Surprise Snowstorm" several days, and there may be more that I'm forgetting.

BonaResponds has enabled me to meet and build strong relationships with students, faculty, and community members that I never would have otherwise. It offers a break from the ordinary, and adds to the beauty of St. Bonaventure.

The smiles you create, and the thanks you receive are immeasurably phenomenal."

Well said!

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