Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hands On Gulf Coast: Recovery, etc.

Hands On Gulf Coast: Recovery, etc.

Some of you no doubt remember Chris from Handson-Biloxi. He wrote a report on the recovery in the Gulf. Definitely recommend you read it! (in fact i will cross list it on RandomTopics2 and BonaResponds' blog)

One look in:
"...this presentation, which is about keeping volunteers engaged in long-term recovery is an opportunity to raise the awareness at a national level about the needs of the post-Katrina Gulf Coast, provides me an excuse to work late and spend a lot of time reading documents about the state of recovery.

One interesting report I found...provides a broad overview of recovery, now 18 months underway, across Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. Some areas have experienced explosive growth, while others whither under poor management and staggering losses."
Read Chris' blog entry here.

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