Wednesday, August 29, 2007

K+2: Katrina two years later

Some recent stories on the recovery.

Possibly the best is from NPR which has many stories on the two year anniversary. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

CNN also has a very good site with many videos.

News: Katrina: Two years later | look, orleans, services, day, new -
"Two-thirds of New Orleans' once 455,000 residents have returned, but services like transportation and hospitals remain a problem. 'We try not to look at the giant picture""Two years after Hurricane Katrina pummeled New Orleans, the city's recovery has been painfully slow. It is on its fourth rebuilding plan. It's not unusual to see one fixed-up house amid a block of wreckage."
The Houston Chronicle: the Stress remains:
"But no one comforts Riley, a Hurricane Katrina survivor, who feels she is depressed because she can't seem to sleep anymore.

On Hurricane Katrina's second anniversary, she'll probably pray in a circle with her Houston neighbors, formerly of New Orleans like herself.

"On Sundays, when you come to my house, I got my hymns on and they get me through," said Riley, who lives with her two grandchildren and three sons at the Park at Lakeside apartment complex. "And sometimes I sit and think, and then I start to cry because I have no family members here."" "The situation in New Orleans is really one of relativity. There is no quick fix for such massive devastation, and no model for a recovery of this magnitude. As a result, some of the hardest hit areas of our city are still uninhabited"

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