Sunday, August 26, 2007

News Reports from Bradford

The Bradford Era has several articles online about the storm.

The damage was bad, but not disastrous:
"The severe storm Saturday that scattered trees like matchsticks, snapped power lines and left a minefield of debris dealt the Tuna Valley a blow — but not a knockout.

According to McKean County Emergency Management Agency Director Steve Nelson, the storm — packing upwards of 70 mph winds and biting rain — hit the hardest in the areas of Pleasant and Summer streets, Jerome Avenue and Bolivar Drive, toppling more than 100 trees and damaging close to 60 homes"
Another recap of the storm:

"...official numbers of 3.36 inches of rain within 15 minutes in downtown Bradford. The department received 121 calls of either toppled trees, downed wires, structural damage or road closures. No injuries were reported.

“All the signs were blown over; everything was just a mess,” he said.

“The Sixth Ward (area) got it the most, but also by the hospital, Pleasant Street and Summer Street,” Tehle said.

The station has received reports that some areas may not have power until at least Tuesday.

Derrick City is likely one of these spots."

The storm probably did not spawn any tornadoes but the storm was still pretty bad in sections:
"Despite early reports indicating a tornado might have struck the area — causing more than 100 trees to be felled onto homes, power lines ripped down and a widespread trail of debris — the damage was more likely caused by a microburst, or updrafts, which are common during a severe thunderstorm."

My take: in sections is was bad, but not Enterprise or Buffalo bad. Most sections of town were fine by late Sunday afternoon, but some were still bad. We will examine it again late in the week to decide if we go back next weekend.

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