Thursday, August 23, 2007

They swoop in to help after disasters - The Boston Globe

Nice article on HODR (Hands on Disaster Response)

They swoop in to help after disasters - The Boston Globe:
"When natural disasters strike, the group invites volunteers to travel to the affected areas and provides free room and board in exchange for their help. The volunteers, from varying backgrounds and occupations who deploy at a moment's notice, do not just swoop in and clean up yards. They embed themselves in the community, often for months at a time, to help residents return to normal life. 'People want to help,' said Driscoll, a director of operations with the group. 'They see a situation, they just kind of travel and they go there. We're able to take those people and apply their resources, their physical power, and their mental power on our projects.'"

My favorite part:
"Campbell and Driscoll said they welcome volunteers as long as they have positive attitudes.

"Whether it's an 85-year-old woman who can't put up walls or clear debris, but can cook meals for all the volunteers . . . we can put anyone to work that wants to help," Driscoll said"

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