Thursday, August 23, 2007

This letter went out to all volunteers

This went out to our past volunteers, but with over 100 email changes and bounces, I will also put it here:

In conjunction with our September 8th Local Service Day BonaResponds is having its first ever Tool Drive!
Students, before you head back to school, why not ask around for any tools that are not being used.
Not a student anymore, well if you have been looking for an excuse to clean out your garage, here it is!
BonaResponds will put your tools (new or used) to great use!
While almost all tools are needed, we are especially looking for
  1. rakes, shovels (especially non snow shovels), hoes, brooms
  2. drills (especially battery powered as many places we work have no power), saws, tarps, hammers,
  3. paint rollers, brushes, extenders
  4. Step ladders
  5. Gloves
  6. clippers/loppers/pole saws
  7. Screw drivers, wire cutters, drills
  8. Pry bars, tarps, flash lights, rope

As you can see, we will pretty much use (either at our local days or at the next disaster response) whatever you can spare. With James having graduated, our main source of tools is no longer here so we basically just have some bow saws and a few chain saws donated by HODR (

E-mail to arrange a pick-up or better, you can bring the tools with you to our local service day on September 8th. We will be working on various places in the community: private homes, parks, as well as at many local organizations (such as the SPCA, Genesis House, the Warming House) schools (including SBU) and a few trail projects.

It will be a great day and we have work for all! So if you can do plumbing, enter data into a spreadsheet, paint, cook, drive, or just about anything else, we have work for you! More details will be coming, but we really hope you can make it. If you are coming from out of town and need a place to stay, let us know!

You can now sign up in advance online at


Jim and the entire BonaResponds team

Remember Saturday September 8th!!

P.S. If you know of someone (either an individual or an organization) who could use our help, let us know!

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