Friday, September 21, 2007

Copy of email about Ohio Trip

Executive Summary: BonaResponds is going to help flood victims near Findlay Ohio from October 5th to 9th and YOU ARE INVITED!!! Meeting Monday September 24th 8pm in Murphy Aud.
(you can come for any part of the trip!)
Long detailed version: It is official! BonaResponds will be going to Ohio over fall break to help the flooded areas in north central Ohio.
And you are invited!!!
Come and find out more at our Monday meeting 8pm in Murphy AUD.
* When and Where? October 5 to 9th--We will leave early evening on Friday October 5th. We will return on the 9th. We will be setting up a camp near Findlay Ohio helping those who were impacted by the August floods.
* Is there a meeting where I can learn more? YES! We will have a meeting at 8pm on Monday September 24 in Murphy Aud.
* What will the work be like? From reports from people on the scene it seems much like the work 6 months after Katrina in Biloxi: a mix of gutting houses to putting up drywall and painting. There are all levels of work. We need volunteers!!! You can help and you will have fun!
* Why should I give up my weekend? It is the right thing to do. It is fun. You will be VERY glad you did!
And most importantly so will those you help! Other less valuable reasons include you will make new friends, develop leadership skills, it looks great on a resume, and it will make a great chapter in your autobiography.
* How much does it cost? Cost of the trip until September 25th from SBU $50 per person (this is for food and transportation). Must be paid before 9/25 (If you meet us there, $25 per person one time fee for one day or the entire weekend.
* Any special requirements? You must have had a tetanus shot within the past five years. If you are not a SBU student, you must be 18 or older unless a parent or legal guardian comes with you. Oh and you have to bring a flexible attitude. Things will not go as planned, but they will work out.
* Where will we sleep/eat/etc? Good question! Still working on that, but it looks like we will either be in a church hall or similar camp. We will have bathroom, shower, and kitchen facilities. We also will have a place to lay out sleeping bags.
* What should I bring? Living conditions will be quite primitive (sleeping bags etc.) Here is our list which may be modified when we learn more of what is needed. As a reference, consider the conditions like Biloxi six months after Katrina. So here is the list we recommended then.
* Can I see what it is like? Sure, some pictures are online now on our blog: We have been in contact with Suzanne English (a SBU alumna and formerly in PR at SBU who now works at Findlay College) who will be getting us more pictures and possibly a video. (She also invited us to a BBQ at her house when we are out there!) SO keep checking the blog for updates!)

* I wish I could go, but _____ (insert legitimate reason for missing it here--examples I plan on having open heart surgery that weekend). Well if you really really cannot go, you can help us market the trip, you can agree to be a leader of some other task we have (for instance recruiting alumni, lining up t-shirts, setting up next local day, etc). Leaders are always needed!
You could donate. We have tools to buy and the cost of travel and food is being subsidized by BonaResponds. The actual cost per volunteer is much higher. So donations will be gladly accepted to help defray the cost being incurred by BonaResponds. We will need to buy several hundred dollars of tools. So if you can't go, you can still help. Make checks to St. Bonaventure with a memo to BonaResponds. Mail to BonaResponds, C/O Jim Mahar, Box BY, St. Bonaventure NY 14778.
* Can I bring others? ABSOLUTELY!!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ANY CONNECTION TO SBU TO COME. Bring your family and friends and make a weekend out of it! IN fact, forward this to those you think might come!
REMEMBER Meeting 8pm on Monday September 24 in Murphy Aud.
* What if I can not make the meeting? You can send the money to BonaResponds, C/O Jim Mahar, School of Business, Box BY, St. Bonaventure NY 14778. Also all volunteers must fill out pages 2 and 3 of this form. All Bona students must fill out this form. (it requires a parent signature so please plan accordingly!)
for more info please see our blog and for future updates
Hope you can all make it!!
REMEMBER MEETING 8pm Monday! Murphy Aud.
PS We apologize for the length, but please remember that not everyone in BonaResponds is on campus. Thus email remains the easiest way to get the information to you all.
PPS You can also see for reports on our trips to Bradford and our local service day

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