Monday, September 24, 2007

More pictures from Ohio

Tammy sent us some more pictures of the damage caused by the flooding:

Also the following info:
"At this time there are 8,143 FEMA registrations received in the 8
declared counties. Many homes were destroyed with foundations cracking
and some even collapsing. Where foundations were left in tack the mud
and sewer waters went as high as 4 feet into homes (not just basements).
This is only what I have seen from traveling and receiving reports from
FEMA. At this time we are hiring case managers who will be able to find
the families in the most urgent need of assistance. As of last week
FEMA has sent all referrals to me until the case managers are hired. I
currently have 24. One family has severe breathing problems (on oxygen)
and is trying to clean out her flooded basement. I have advised her to
STOP and not bring another molded item up to be cleaned. I am looking
for volunteers to help her A.S.A.P. Another family just purchased there
first home after 22 years of marriage. The home's foundation is now
collapsing from the extreme pressure of the flood water. Another family
has 5 children all of whom have been running back and forth to the
doctor with upper respiratory infections. "

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