Monday, September 17, 2007

Thank you from Walsh

My mom, writing for Walsh, emailed the following:

"A belated but nonethe less very heartfelt THANK YOU to
everyone who worked at Walsh in the past year. You
have all made such a difference in our school, and it
is very much appreciated. This year the school
sparkles; it is brighter, cheerier, and shows the
tremendous effort all of you put into it. . .
Thank you all!

Way too often the bad choices some college kids make
get all the publicity, while the majority of good
things you do get overlooked. I hope you realize your
good work does not go unappreciated. You set high
goals and you achieve them. Congratulations!

Honestly, I could not wish for better role models for
the Walsh students than the people in BonaResponds,
and I sincerely hope our kids (and parents, faculty,
staff, alumni, friends) will work with you in other
service projects. Keep us informed.

So, to all those people---including my family---who
helped us at Walsh, a sincere thank you. Pax et

Marge Mahar :-)

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