Sunday, November 25, 2007

A letter of thanks to volunteers from the Gulf : LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:
"They came by the hundreds, then the thousands. God had heard and we were thankful. They came - firefighters, military, police officers, doctors and nurses, linemen and engineers, truck drivers and preachers. They knew. They came. They all came. The whole world came and were were thankful. They came and suffered with us. They came and lived in tents, slept on the ground, but they came and we were thankful. They clothed us and fed us. They sheltered us and tended our wounds. They lifted our hearts and we were thankful. They came with full hearts and open hands..."
A very nice letter to the editor from Rita Duffus writing in the SunHerald from Biloxi.
You really should read the entire thing! It is down a ways, but it is there.

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