Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pass Christian home rebuilding with Randy's Rangers

This was posted by some recent volunteers working with Randy's Rangers. It is well worth a look!

Pass Christian home rebuilding:
"October 2007 - Pass Christian, Mississippi Two years have gone by since hurricane Katrina decided to spin the wheel of fate with the lives of residents of the gulf coast. Everyone knows how New Orleans flooded when the levees broke; horrible stories. Just 45 miles east of the big easy lies Pass Christian, or what's left of it. Pass is on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Saint Louis Bay. Katrina made landfall here and sent a 27-foot surge of water washing over the peninsula removing houses, buildings, trees and animals."
and near the end:

"For me, I've decided. While there is a valid debate over what our collective government should do, it's clear what I as an individual should do. Helping rebuild Andora's house was the right thing to do. I choose how I spend my energy, and helping another human reclaim their home is the right thing to do. Perhaps the building of these houses will become a personal mandala, washed away in some future storm. So be it. The journey is what's important."

Several videos and even a picture of the BonaResponds sign! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to my page on our trip to Pass Christian. I'm glad you enjoyed it. We will probably go back in March 2008.