Friday, December 28, 2007 | 12/25/2007 | Post-tornado gifts overwhelm Greensburg | 12/25/2007 | Post-tornado gifts overwhelm Greensburg:
"A group of young people from Mississippi -- victims of Hurricane Katrina -- drove all the way to Kansas in the summer just to provide a crawfish feed for the folks in Greensburg. On July 4, the PigMasters -- a group of barbecuers from North Carolina -- hosted a reunion for all the displaced residents and roasted 10 pigs for the town.

A high school student from Enterprise, Ala., who survived a tornado that ripped apart his high school and killed eight students, drove to Greensburg with a load of 500 or so books because he read that the Kansas school lost its library. Getting the books for Greensburg was his Eagle Scout project."
Also there was a nice NPR show on Greensburg.

Still feel guilty we didn't go.

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