Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not BonaResponds, but similar benefits

Feeling down? Read this. And while you do, try to think about how similar BonaResponds is. True BonaResponds does not do things for money, but the same idea holds.

In this case church members are given $50 each and asked to double it for charity. In doing so, many of the people found talents they did not know they had and felt good about themselves and had a purpose. It also shows that everyone has some talent that can be shared!

Ohio Congregation Lives Giving Parable -
"But it wasn't the money; everyone said so. It was something else, something far less tangible but yet so very real. For seven weeks an almost magical sense of excitement and energy and camaraderie infused the elegant red-brick church on Bell Street, spilling over into homes and hearts as the parable of the talents came alive.

In her sun-filled studio on Strawberry Lane, Shirley Culbertson felt it _ a joyful sense of purpose that she had rarely experienced since her husband passed two years ago....

Church members who never knew each other have become friends"

Want that same feeling? Join BonaResponds on our next service day or trip!

Jen passed this one along. It is pretty cool.

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