Monday, January 07, 2008

Can't see the trees for the forest

The word of the day is trees.

This morning the BonaResponds team and the Group from Boston College went to see a giant Live Oak Tree in Long Beach. It is huge. Randy takes each group there to experience it. You can literally get lost in the size. Randy uses it in conjunction with the story he uses during his introduction for new volunteers. The story, now with an accompanying painting that hangs on the dining hall room, is that each volunteer brings is but a little dot, but put together, these dots make up an entire tree. The tree in Long Beach is meant to remind us the size of the recovery effort and that no one person can do it by him/her self.

After that I again worked with the tree team. With the help of Joe's drywall team in the AM, we cut 7 trees down and cleared others that were already down. In addition we had 4 people (Amanda, Ashley, Christina, and Ryan) learn how to safely use a chain saw.

Not sure how the two fit together, but the should. Maybe I will be able to figure it out after a good night's sleep.

In other news, the roofing crew has gotten a ton done on Carl's house VERY VERY impressive.

Bridgett, Rich, Christina, Tim and a few others (sorry I forget who went) worked at Barbara's sanding, painting, and doing some lawn work.

The drywall team did get to do some more this afternoon at the Whavers' house. This is the family we adopted. The money we raised went to the buy the insulation for the house.

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