Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good day in Mississippi

Another update from Laura:

"Today was great! We got up with the sun, had breakfast, and headed out to work on a man named Carl's house. Two teams of 2 worked on putting up siding, and by the end of the day we had a whole side finished! We should be able to get the whole thing done in 2 more days. 2 girls worked on roofing, and did a splendid job. Our construction guru, Wes, is a local guy who helps out at Randy's everyday and has become a part of our group. He cut the pieces of siding, fixed all the nail guns we constantly broke, advised us on how to do the things we didn't understand, and kept us well entertained. A few of the older women took the tiring task of running siding up the stairs to those of us working on the scaffolding.

Fantastic news!! My dad called a plumber who goes to our church, Dale, explained the Waivers' situation, and without hesitation he agreed to come help us out. Dale drove straight through from NY to MS (alone), then worked a full day. Thanks to Dale, about $800 from FBC, and a few very zealous teenagers, we should be able to finish plumbing the house in the next 2 days. The electricians finished their work today, so we're making some serious headway.

My parents spent their morning hunting for an orthopedic surgeon but ultimately gave up. After their wild goose chase they helped Dale shop for plumbing supplies. Everyone is pretty worn out, so some of us won't be up to see the new year ring in, but everyone is glowing with satisfaction after a hard day's work. There are fireworks on the beach, so I think I'll walk down there for a bit. Happy New Year from all of us in Mississippi!


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