Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Announcing BonaResponds ARKANSAS!

Since we have not yet heard back from sites in Alabama or Tennessee, we have opted to send a team of volunteers to Gassville Arkansas. We will be working with HODR.

The small team (6 people maximum) will be there to work with Bill Driscoll Jr., Becca, and other handson volunteers, but also to help serve as leaders and add some continuity to the site which is organizing many school and church groups that coe in for a day at a time.

So far this team is composed of Tim, Jared, Mike, and Tyler. One or two more will likely be added. (Any volunteers?) The disaster area is still very fresh and this is going to be a tough area.

here is a video on the area.

If you are going, please make sure you read this. It is much cooler there, so dress warmly.

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