Friday, February 01, 2008

BonaResponds 1/30/08 meeting recap

From Carrie:

Hi All!

In case you missed the meeting or just need a
reminder, here is what we talked about:

-Departing from SBU on Friday, February 22 around 5pm

-Mainly staying in Pearlington, Mississippi. A small
group of volunteers will travel to Pass Christian.

-We will be rebuilding houses, and hopefully moving
residents back in! (Don't worry about your skill level.
You'll learn as you go)

-Departing Pearlington on Friday, February 29 in the
evening to arrive at SBU on Saturday, March 1

-Cost is $219, which includes transportation, food
while at camp, and lodging. Any food expenses on the way
down and back are not included. If money is an
issue, let us know.

_ If you can drive (i.e. employee of university or 25 or over), you may qualify
for $100 price reduction

-A $50 deposit is due by Wednesday, February 13.
Collection will take place on Wednesday from 10AM to noon
in Murphy. If you can't make that time, we can make
alternate arrangements.

-We will post the necessary forms to
along with a packing list. The forms need to be
turned in before we leave SBU.

Again, no special skills are required (although, if
you know how to do something, don't be bashful). Have a
willingness to learn and an excellent, fun attitude!

If you have any questions or comments, please email


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