Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buffalo Update from LJ

Had another BR Buffalo Day meeting today. LJ, Mike Tribuzzi, and Christina Love (friend of LJ's) were there. We talked briefly, and then went out into the city.

Copied some 4/page fliers for Mar. 29th...went to Buffalo State College and spoke w/ the person in charge of Volunteer Services, in the Career Development Center: Laura Hill Rao (LHR), Coordinator, Volunteer and Service-Learning Center. Laura said that she would post the information on a link that they have for students of volunteer opportunities in the city. She also said that I (or we) could table in the Student Union before the 29th.

LHR also gave us a few great contacts at Niagara University, Daeman College, and Canisius College.

Then we went to the West Side Community Collaborative / West Side Neighborgood Housing Services, Inc. and spoke with Melissa M. Fratello there. She was happy to work with us and said she would announce the info at there next board meeting in order to gather some volunteers for the event. They are familiar with PUSH buffalo and have a similar mission.
Progress is being made for the BR Buffalo project! : ) Thanks for checking in!
-Laura Jean aka LJ

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