Monday, February 25, 2008

FAST Noontime update

From Jared at lunch: It is really cold. We had to change plans because of the weather. Now cleaning lawns etc. The temperature itself is not that bad, but the combo of wind and rain was just too much. The new job is good however and the work is keeping us warm.

From Jerry: Working on Kimballs (a seafood restaurant in Pass Christian). No problems. Randy is yelling, but that is normal.

Sort of slow morning. Lack of tools really slowed us. Had 5 teams out (2 insulation, 2 sanding drywall--although at times because of lack of tools each of the sanding teams also were on road clean up--which is an unwanted, but greatly appreciated job that really does make the area look better.
* more people in camp--both from BonaResponds (as Eric, Bridgett, Kristina, and Megan arrived) and a couple of other groups (Philadelphia area and one from MD.)

once groups got right tools and got going quite a bit done. Hopefully the afternoon will be as good!

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