Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Greetings from Arkansas

February 26,

When we arrived in Gassville, AR last Saturday; we were excited yet nervous about what the week ahead would bring. Now just three days later we have already become comfortable with our surroundings and made new friends here at Hands On as well as in the community. The town of Gassville has a population of just 1,706; that is several hundred less than the small tight knit community at St. Bonaventure. We are all familiar with the Bona-Bubble; the comfort, friends and great community. This town has those same characteristics associated with the Bona-Bubble.

Our day started where Monday left off; raking debris from the yard of damaged homes. Tyler and Mike were later asked to assist a group of men hanging siding on a house down the street. The rest of our group was deployed to a home that had sustained sever damage to the surrounding trees as well as some structural damage to the home. Tim went and picked Tyler and Mike up on his way to delivering lunch to the crew at the tree clearing site. After lunch all of the members of Hands On and BonaResponds worked together clearing trees and gathering debris from the yard. Several of us donned the chainsaw attire and learned the art of cutting down trees. Mike fit the part with his red flannel button down, jeans, and work boots.

Although our accommodations can not be complained about; but we found an escape. One of the many great people that we have meet this week set us up with a cabin on the White River; this allowed us to relax on our day off.

Ya’ll come back now! Ya Hear.

P.S. We saw Lurch, check him out:

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