Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hands On Disaster Response » USA: Southern US Tornado Assessment

Bill Driscoll (who many of you may know from Biloxi, Pass Christian, and Enterprise files the following report on

Hands On Disaster Response » USA: Southern US Tornado Assessment:
"We’re currently on the ground in Tennessee making an assessment of the tornado damage and evaluating the potential for a HODR micro-deployment.

According to FEMA’s initial situation report in Tennessee “it is estimated that there are 700 damaged homes; 606 were either destroyed or sustained major damage. There are 53 mobile homes that sustained major damage and 44 with moderate damage.” In Arkansas, “there are 114 businesses that are damaged statewide; 417 homes either sustained damage or were destroyed. Critical Infrastructure was impacted by the storms.”"
For those of you who do not know, Hands On Disaster Response is the model (or at least a large part of the model) on which BonaResponds is built.

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