Friday, February 29, 2008

Very Good Day


What a good day!

We really kept busy today and there was lots of work and the right tools so all got quite a bit done in Arkansas and in Pearlington. Jerry said their morning was great, but afternoon was spent on finding right tools and errands.

Today started for us here in Pearlington on the brisk side as there was a frost overnight. The main job today was to be taking down a tent from the Dupont site in Del Isle and taking back the tarp and all of the following and supports to camp.

But since the job would take many people and the bus was late, we decided to squeeze a paint job in. And so, in less than an hour, 4 rooms in two houses were primed. By then the bus made it back to camp.

Then we went to the Tent site and proceeded to rip apart the flooring and load it onto a trailer. While it sounds easy, it was actually really hard work. And the volunteers were excellent. Indeed, it was nothing short of a beehive of activity for much of the day.

By 4:40 when we left we had definitely gotten much more work done on it than I had anticipated under even rosy forecasts.

In the evening meeting we also learned that the other teams that had gone out had equally impressive days with much dry walling getting done and $5000 of lumber and supplies being delivered to a home under construction.

And with that successful day, the week came that much closer to an end. I am always sad when a BonaResponds' trip nears completion. Unfortunately the week is about to end. I am sure we will be back. I am sure we will respond to other disasters and to other local needs, but I am still sad. I don't know why, but it happens every time.

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