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We are investigating whether we can help

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It is too early to say whether we will be able to help or not, but we are investigating what we may be able to do to help the areas affected by the tornadoes.

The most likely time for our assistance would be over spring break. Thus we might be running two trips (one to MS and one to either AL, KY, ARK, or TN) or maybe stopping on the way for a day or two of work.

If you can help with the planning or would like to suggest other ways to help, please email us at

HODR is also investigating whether they are going.

Here are some stories on the damage.

BonaResponds is looking to go help the areas affected by yesterday's storms. HODR is also investigating. We will likely be dropping off a van or two for at least a few days if we can make a difference.

Here is a very fast look around at some news sites:

Jackson Sun - - Jackson, TN:
"Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist said that 60 people were transported to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital due to injuries received in the tornado. He said that 50 people have been released.

Madison County Mayor Jimmy Harris said that those who remain at the hospital are listed as follows: one person is in critical condition, seven people are in serious condition and one person is in guarded condition.

Harris said that sheriff's deputies and Madison County firefighters are still trying to reach some people in the outlying areas to make sure everyone is safe."
Tennessee college struck by tornado a third time | Reuters:
"Will Hayden, a 20-year-old biology student said: 'A bunch of us were outside watching the lightning. We've had 80 tornado watches and nothing ever happened.'

But when the students heard a 'low rumbling, like a freight train,' they ran inside and took cover. 'There were five of us in the bathroom with a mattress over us.'

Several students had to be rescued from wrecked residence halls and 51 were injured, nine seriously, but there were no deaths, university spokesman Mark Kahler said.

The school sustained millions of dollars in damage as the tornado's winds toppled walls, ripped off roofs and tossed vehicles around like toys.

'Just about every building is damaged, with most of the damage to the dormitories. About 80 percent of the residence halls are demolished or in bad shape,' Kahler said."
Union University has a blog that is reporting on how the university is responding to the tornado

and here are many more pictures from Union University and here are more from Yahoo.

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