Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Update from Buffalo

Laura Jean sent the following:

"BonaResponds Buffalo Volunteer Day March 29th, 2008
9:30am Doors open for meeting at The Valley Center
People coming up from Olean will probably be showing up around 10am.
Work will begin at 10am. We will start wrapping up the work day around 3pm. After cleaning up, we'll head back to The Larkin at Exchange Building, one block from the Valley Center to have a celebration from 4-6pm with free food, music, and time to share about your experiences from the day. (Lunch will also be provided.) This event is alcohol and drug free.

If you can not participate in the whole day, be there for as long as you can. We appreciate your presence for as much as you can give.

For the work day we will break up into groups, size depending on the site the group is going to, as some sites can use more people than others. We will be working with the following organizations:
- The Valley Center / The Valley Community Association, 93 Leddy St. Bflo NY 14210
- The Bob Lanier Center, 185 Lang Ave, Bflo NY 14210
- The Belle Center, 104 Maryland St. Bflo NY 14201
- PUSH Buffalo
- Buffalo Re-Use
- The Morlock Foundation
- and possibly some community gardens, and street / park clean up, depending on the weather.
Still waiting to hear back from Urban Roots ."

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