Monday, April 21, 2008

Local Service Weekend Wrap up

The importance of things was put into perspective today with a phone call in the middle of the day. The brother of last year’s BonaResponds leader James Kane died suddenly. It is thus with a very saddened heart that I even report on the weekend’s events. Please remember James and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Short version: Much work got done on each of the days. Had about 135 volunteers which was lower than expected but much good work got done. Minor problems, such as painting fire hydrants incorrectly, but nothing major.

Longer Version: Good weekend of work. Work was completed on about 18 sites, almost finished at 2, and much progress was made on one other.

Some highlights:

  • 143 bags of leaves and garbage picked up at Oak Hill Park in Olean
  • Much progress on Bob’s Woods’ trails including the first a new trail around the pond.
  • Several truck loads of debris removed from Allegany River Trail
  • SPCA was partially painted and animals got some extra care.
  • Outdoor Spring Clean up at Washington West Elementary
  • Downed trees cut and removed at Gargoyle Park
  • Fire hydrants painted over a 18 block area (ok, not perfectly painted, but....)
  • Dugouts, press box, and backstop was largely complete at Marcus Park
  • Theater Workshop and Historical Association work accomplished
  • On campus, the Grotto was cleaned up
  • SIMM room painted
  • Much work was completed in Murphy Building
  • Much litter and branch pickup was done.
  • Bonaventure Gulf Course was cleaned
  • Statue of Mary area cleaned and two new planters installed.


Saturday : Sunny and hot (88 degrees)

Sunday : Mixed, some rain, mid 60s.



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