Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What's next?

I was asked today what is the next BonaResponds' event. Well you won't have long to wait! Barring a natural disaster where we are needed, our next major event will be the first ever BonaResponds local service weekend! We have had many local service days, but this is our first 2 day local event.

We have many jobs already lined up but are still getting things organized. Some of the local events include:
  1. Painting and cleaning up at Olean Parks
  2. Painting signs and fire hydrants for the City of Olean
  3. Working on Bob's Woods trails
  4. Painting and street clean up for the Village of Allegany
  5. Working at Mt. Ireaneous
  6. Working at the Warming House (the SBU sponsored local Soup Kitchen)
  7. Landscaping and more at Olean Theater Workshop
  8. Working on many jobs with SBU athletics
  9. Painting the SIMM class room at SBU
  10. Clearing weeds etc with Canticle Farms in Allegany
  11. Preparation of land for a new playground at an Olean Elementary School
  12. Expansion of recycling program
  13. Working at the SPCA
  14. clean up along the Olean River trail
and I am sure there will be more to come!

So when you add cooking, driving, and help with logistics, you can truly see there is work for everyone! Come out for a few hours or both days!

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