Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring wrap up

Hi everyone,

It was a busy and successful semester for
BonaResponds. We made two trips to the Gulf Coast (January and
March), had volunteers in Arkansas after a major
tornado, had a local service day in Buffalo, and a local
2-day weekend of service in the Olean area.
For more info on our trips see:

Administratively, we now have a home within the
university. We report to the Dean of the School of
Business. This came about after a meeting with University
President Sr. Margaret Carney and Provost Mike Fischer.
We all thought this would be our best fit to allow
the most flexibility in response and funding. We also
successfully had the 5% surcharge removed from our
fund raising activities. What this means is that for the
first time we have submitted a request for funding (a
budget) for the 2008-2009 school year. It is
designed to fund about 25% of our anticipated needs. Fund
raising and donations will be needed to cover the

As a side note, this budget was drawn up largely by a
group from my MBA 610 class that used BonaResponds as
their term project. (Carrie Jackling, the graduated
leader of BonaResponds this year headed the group so
they did have some inside information ;) )

Email addresses

If you just graduated or are leaving SBU for any
reason, remember your email account will be turned off
shortly, please send us your new email so you can stay up
on what is happening with BonaResponds and hopefully
help us help others!

Volunteer Opportunities

The need for volunteers does not end just because of
graduation! With many students gone for the summer and
our leaders spread out around the globe, this is an
especially urgent call for volunteers.


There are many local opportunities coming up in the
weeks and months ahead. To start with this Saturday
(May 17th!) there is a house demolition in Machias
(between Olean and Franklinville) that we would like to help
with. The house was largely destroyed by fire but
the family wants to salvage anything of value. This
will be hard but good work. It will be gutting the house
so be sure to wear boots and have had a tetanus shot!
The homeowner is in the military and if we can help
them it would be great. Watch the BonaResponds blog
for more information but expect to leave Murphy at
10:10 on Saturday. You can also meet us there. A map
will be posted on the blog by Thursday.

The Red Cross also has been in touch with us to help a
single mom after a fire in her home in the town of
Olean. Electrical work, drywall, painting, and some
roofing is needed. We have yet to be able to say yes to
this for lack of volunteers and leaders, so if you
want to head this up, please respond and let us know.
This would be great for church groups and the like!

On June 1st there will be a local day on the Indian
Reservation near Niagara Falls. It is a good project
and I hope some of the Buffalo residents especially take
advantage of this day. More details will be put on
the blog.

Neighborworks is having a community clean up week from
June 8-14th. BonaResponds would like to help. the
date will likely be June 14th. This is still tentative
and more information will be forthcoming.

Any expert chainsaw sharpeners? We have three that
need to be sharpened better than I can do. So if you are
willing to do so, let us know.


There have been many storms and tornado damages
throughout much of the Southeast and central parts of the
country. We simply do not have enough volunteers to
respond to all of these but we are always in touch with
Hands On Disaster Response
<> who have and will continue to
respond to these events and the new TUSDIN (see which is a volunteer relief
organization being organized by Randy May.


Several people have asked why BonaResponds has not
been to any of the international disasters. The short
answer is that we do not have enough money and/or time
to organize these trips. Ideally we will in the
future. For the present, we would strongly encourage you to
work with Hands On Disaster Response if you wish to
go to any of these international events. (see

What can you do?

1. BonaResponds is always looking for more volunteers.
More than money, more than anything else, come out.
You can make a difference, you may make all the
2. Donate. Money is always used. In finance classes
I teach the more uncertain the environment, the
greater the need for financial flexibility. No where is
this more true than in responding in times of need. Gas
and food prices (our two biggest expenses) are both
way up this year. Donate to BonaResponds, Box BY, St.
Bonaventure University, 14778)
3. Tell a friend. Forward this to some of your
friends. Word of mouth advertising is the best way to get
more volunteers!

Future trips

While there may be many other trips depending on
disasters, we currently are planning a fall break trip, a
winter trip in January before the new semester begins,
and a Spring Break trip. Mark your calendars now.
Especially if you are not a student and need to plan
your time off. The trips are always fun and you will get
much done!

To do list:

1. Come volunteer this weekend in Machias. Please
RSVP it would really make planning easier!
2. Graduates, make sure we have your new email address
3. Forward this to 5 friends! (if you have more than
5, you can forward to them as well)
4. Get involved!
5. Donate (money, tools, paint, rakes, tarps, you name
it, we can probably use it)

Thanks in advance for all of your help. Without your
help, the work will not get done.

Hope to see you volunteering soon!!


also we are always looking for leaders. You do not
need to be a student, just willing to help!!

email address:
mailing address: BonaResponds, Box BY, St. Bonaventure
NY 14778

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