Friday, June 20, 2008

Announcing the BonaResponds' Iowa/Missouri flood trip

Update on the Midwest flooding. It looks like BonaResponds will be arranging a trip to help the flooded communities along the Mississippi river in Iowa, Illinois, or Missouri. Details are still being worked out. We will be working with HODR and/or Randy's Rangers.

The best coverage seems to be from MSNBC. Here is a link with many many videos and a great interactive map. Be sure to see the "organizing the volunteers" section. Many (most) of the pictures are of the Americorps crew we worked with in Neosho.

The probable dates are July 7-13th. Cost of the trip should be $100 or less for the week. We can pick people up along the route. Food on site will be included.

Mike and Tess are going out tomorrow and will have regular updates.

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