Friday, June 27, 2008

Clarksville crest level on the rise : News : KHQA

Clarksville crest level on the rise : News : KHQA:
"Clarkville mayor, Jo Anne Smiley said, ' Now as the National Guard needs to pull away and we have fewer and fewer of them, the residents have to take the responsibilities of monitoring the walls and the 80 pumps we have running throughout the city.

So the city's water levels must be going down right, not true. The newest crest prediction is at 37 feet 7 inches, higher than the last read of 36 feet. Mayor Smiley remains hopeful that the town will be able to maintain the levees without as much national guard help."
* Clarkville was the town that Americorp crews from St. Louis worked so long and hard on!

I highly recommend watching the video from KHQA. It shows what is happening at many of the small towns that have not made the national news. Some is good (people moving back in after being out for 2 weeks) and other news is bad (some levee breaks etc).

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