Friday, June 06, 2008

Nice article on HODR

As most of you know, BonaResponds is modeled after Hands On Disaster Response. This is a nice acrticle on them from The Carlisle Mosquito:
"Since the first relief effort in Thailand, the same model was adopted in all of HODR’s operations.... Once a decision is made to help in a national or international disaster, the operations director will be sent onsite to evaluate the situation. He assesses the critical tasks in hand, and estimates resources and the duration needed to complete these tasks. The tasks could be as complex as rebuilding homes and reconstructing dams, or as basic as stuffing backpacks with school supplies for kids. The operations director also secures a home for volunteers to stay in and makes sure there are computers with Internet access, allowing the volunteers to stay connected with their loved ones back home."


Anonymous said...

Putting ads on blog = Bonaresponds revenue

David said...

As usual, Katrina="New Orleans" and Hands On = "Helping Hands"