Monday, June 23, 2008

Official Notice board announcemnet

The following was just released to the Notice board:

BonaResponds Iowa!

BonaResponds is going to Iowa and you can come!!!

BonaResponds is proud to announce a relief trip to Iowa to help victims of the recent flooding. The trip will be from July 7th or 8th (we will know by Thursday) to July 13th. We will be driving out (12 hours). Thanks to a $500 donation and the generous use of the University’s vans, the cost of the trip will be $100. This includes transportation and food (3 meals a day) when working in Iowa.

We will be working in the Cedar Rapids area in conjunction with Hands on Disaster Response ( and with Randy’s Rangers. Work will include clean up (mucking), gutting interiors, mold abatement, much much more. While details are still beig worked out, we expect to be working out of Palo Iowa at the start.

We already have two BonaResponders out there and they will be giving us updates as to what to expect.

Reserve a spot as soon as possible. Trip is open to all over 18. (you will need steel toed boots, proof of insurance, an up to date tetanus shot, and a good attitude. :)

For more information see out blog:
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