Tuesday, July 01, 2008

BonaResponds Iowa Update

The following was just mailed to our entire mailing list.

There is still time to sign up to go help people who were impacted by the Midwest floods. We will be working with Hands on Disaster Response (Hodr.org) and laying the ground work for Randy’s Rangers who plan on a longer deployment in and around the Cedar Rapids and Palo Iowa.

The cost of the trip is $100 which includes transportation and food while working in Iowa. We will be leaving St. Bonaventure on the afternoon of July 7th and returning late on the 13th.

However, if you want to go before or after, HODR will gladly put you up if you can get there and back.

Additionally, you can meet us there (several volunteers and alumni are meeting us for various durations). There is one small group that would like to leave Olean on the 7th but has to be back on that Friday the 11th if anyone would like to join that group, they would appreciate it to hold down transportation costs.

Again, if you can not make it when we are going, HODR would love to have you out there. Please see their website for further information.



Remember if you can not go, we will be accepting donations to help defray transportation costs.

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