Friday, July 11, 2008

"I don't know if i will make it back, but if I do,..."

"I don't know if i will make it back...."
I am sure many of my students hoped the above quote was from me, but it wasn't. It was from "Charlie" (not his real name). He is an elderly gentleman who retired from the construction business after over 50 years.

In an unfortunate change of fate however, his peaceful retirement was interrupted by about 12 feet of water in his house. And so Volunteers from BonaResponds and HODR spent the day gutting.

It was a tough day. Several minor knicks and bruises, multiple layers of thick (and in sometimes wet) drywall, and even cement backing on tiles. But all of this was soon forgotten with Charlie's complete quote:
"I don't know if i will make it back, but if I do, I will owe it to volunteers who have just done so much for me."
Priceless thanks like that is what makes all of this worthwhile. WHo can need more reasons to volunteer? So even after we are gone, contact or if you are reading this after HODR is done, see Corridor Recovery. (additionally watch the blog for other opportunities as well, which is, as Paul Harvey used to say, telling you a bit more than I know.)

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