Thursday, July 10, 2008

News from Cedar Rapids

Things you learn while sitting in a laundromat in CEdar Rapids at 10PM

but First:
HODR has extended the deployment at least through the first of August.

Local News

* 232 million in losses at Univ of Iowa

* 330 classes are currently homeless for fall

* $20 million in debris clean up alone so far on campus

* The Iowa City Animal Shelter was relocated from Fair Grounds to another temporary shelter to allow the Fair to go on as planned.

* Cedar Rapids estimate $500 million in city property damage and a whopping $810 million is needed to prevent future floods.

* Estimates range from $3B to $8B in total losses in Cedar Rapids area alone.

* Local residents getting angry as some are not told yet if they can rebuild.

* Two Red Cross shelters closed today in the Cedar Rapids area

* There is a big volunteer push for local volunteers for this weekend.

Local TV (channel 2)

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