Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dodged the worst of it...

While there was significant damage in certain areas and flooding and storm damage is never minor if it happens to you, overall things could have been so much worse.

Some reports:

Time writes on Hancock County where there was significant flooding:

"Hancock County took a heavy hit from Hurricane Katrina, with cities like Pass Christian, Bay Saint Louis, and Waveland almost erased from the map. Today, three years later, the county is still struggling to recover, and Gustav has dealt yet another devastating blow. County public information officer Jim Keller said this storm's impact took them by surprise. "Wind damage is at a minimum, but we've got areas with 12 to 14 feet of flooding," Keller says. "We were thinking eight or nine feet." "
But in the same article they did stress that some things worked much better:
"a new Katrina-inspired pet initiative also drew praise. Misty Velasquez, director of development for the Humane Society, said a pet-friendly shelter opened this year, sparing many animals the fate of those left behind following Katrina."
Other reports:

CNN has snippets from up and down the coast.

The Dallas News Reports that about 100 homes were flooded in Pearlington.

Larry Orsini called to report that he saw a house on TV that he and Bonnie had worked on directly across from his levy breach in Plaquemines Parish. In fact he had called the people before the storm.

For those of you have been in Biloxi, here are some pictures that were posted of the storm:
Gustav, Monday morning

This Sun Herald report has stories of up and down the coast and a picture that will be familiar to anyone who worked in Pass Christian. I hope the home we worked on this January across RT 90 are ok!

So while the storm definitely pushed back an already long recovery, it could have been MUCH worse.

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