Thursday, September 04, 2008

THIS SATURDAY! Help build a house!

In addition to next weekend's local service day, we'd like to take a small crew out to West Clarksville this Saturday to work on Mark's House.

If you remember, Mark has severe helth issues and needs several transplants. He lost his house (and dog) in a house fire this January. We are trying to help get him into his new house by winter.

Mike English (who was team leader at Mark's house for the Welcome Days local service day) suggested we go back this week and make a small dent in the work prior to the two day service weekend next week.

So after a few phone calls, we would like to take a crew out this Saturday from 11 to about 4:00. If you have transportation, great! We are trying to line up rides, but so far, nothing is certain.

If you would like to help this weekend, please email to reserve a spot.

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